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Financial lease

It is possible to lease your Birò. This allows you to spread the purchase price of your Birò (or part of the price) over a period of 36 or 48 months and pay back the amount in fixed monthly instalments. That way you know exactly where you stand and you won’t end up with any unwanted surprises. Leasing is possible starting from € 245 per month.

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Tax benefit

Do you want to invest in sustainable mobility in a tax beneficial way? That is possible with the Milieu-investeringsaftrek (MIA) and the Willekeurige afschrijving Milieu-investering (VAMIL).

With these arrangements the ministry of I&W stimulates sustainable investments, including Birò (code B3118).

In combination with the Kleinschaligheidsinvesteringsaftrek (KIA) tax benefit is €8.900,- for a basic Birò Urban. This way driving a Birò becomes very attractive.

Calculation example

Birò Urban
Price (incl. 21% btw)  € 14.995,00
TAX 21% € 2.602,44
Price (excl. 21% btw)  € 12.392,56
KIA 28% € 3.469,92
MIA 13,5%* € 836,50
VAMIL 75%*  € 4.647,21
Tax benefit € 8.953,63

*Code B3118 – 50% of the amount qualifies for MIA and VAMIL.

Note: The example shows a gross benefit. The net benefit differs per company and depends on the relevant tax bracket. The amounts are only an indication and may vary per company. For more information about the KIA, MIA and VAMIL, visit the links above. If you have any questions, always consult an accountant to find out how the regulations apply to your company and what the benefit will be in your specific situation.

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