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Birò Netherlands

Birò is a product made by the Italian company Estrima. We have the exclusive rights to sell and carry out services for Birò in the Netherlands. Through our own stores and a network of dealerships, our aim is to contribute to the development of smart, sustainable mobility and an accessible and liveable city.

Birò combines the convenience of a scooter with the comfort of a car and aims to be the ideal alternative to a car in an increasingly busy city. Because Birò takes up less space in the streets due to its compact dimensions, it reduces traffic jams and congestion, keeps residents mobile and leaves more room for public green spaces.

In addition, Birò is 100% electric and emission-free, thereby contributing to a clean and quiet living environment. The innovative Share platform also makes it possible to share the benefits of Birò with neighbours, friends or colleagues.

Love the city

“With Birò I want to give the city back to its people, making their everyday journeys easier and more efficient. A true revolution in urban mobility, where functionality becomes style.”

Matteo Maestri
Creator and founder


Pieter Vermeer

Managing Director Birò Nederland

“Over tien jaar is dit dé manier van verplaatsen in de stad.”

Bas van Thiel

Sales & Business Development

“Dankzij een goede samenwerking met de gemeente Rotterdam dragen we ons steentje bij aan een duurzame en leefbare stad.”

Reinier Mutsaerts

After Sales

“Birò is voor mij de snelste manier voor woon-werkverkeer tussen Haarlem en Amsterdam.”

Arian van der Plas


”Ik doe eigenlijk niets meer met de auto in Amsterdam, de Birò maakt alles zoveel makkelijker en efficiënter.”

Fleur Vermeer


“Weer of geen weer… met Birò rij je met een glimlach rond!”

Federico Boem

Service Mechanic

Federico Butto


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‘Stilletjes brommen in gerse Birò.’
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