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Birò makes driving around the city easy. Its compact dimensions allow you to breeze your way through the busy city traffic quickly and flexibly. Stay dry and warm on rainy days, drive with the doors off in the summer.

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‘Perfect alternative to the car in busy cities. Clean, flexible and quick.’

Pieter Vermeer
Birò Nederland

Biro Urban V3

Birò Urban

Biro Big V3

Birò Big



The future of mobility in the city.
In addition to convenience, it’s also really fun to drive.

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Love the City

Birò is the smart, compact electric City Car. Designed to contribute to a liveable and sustainable city and the perfect alternative to the car. The compact dimensions allow you to travel efficiently through busy city traffic. Never be too late for your appointments. Clean, flexible and quick.

Power of freedom

Choose the battery that suits your lifestyle and transport requirements. The Re-Move battery pack has a range of 55 km and is removable so you can recharge wherever it suits you. For long distances you can opt for the fixed 100 km Maxi battery solution. Both batteries can be charged via a regular socket or via a charging station.

Free to move

Birò combines the convenience of a scooter with the comfort of a car. Equipped with 4 disc brakes, a 3 mm thick steel frame and with 345° visibility, it’s the safe way to get around. Choose from one of 99 colours or other countless options. With a range of 100 km you can take on the cold and rainy days, in the summer drive without doors.

Life is sharing

Birò works with a unique card system, which makes it possible to share the many advantages of your Birò with neighbours, friends or colleagues. The stylish Italian design makes Birò the City Car you want to be seen in. On top of that, sharing is smart, social and financially beneficial.

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